Harry B. Thompson IV

Harry B Thompson IV , Atlanta 2019
Harry B Thompson Jr Atlanta 1918
Harry B Thompson III , 2nd from Left 1957
Harry III, Lake Allatoona (a 12 acre Lake about 40 miles north of Atlanta) 1954
Harry Jr, Harry III and Harry Sr, Atlanta , 1943
Harry B Thompson Jr (16) with sister Maude at home 1021 Springdale Rd NE Atlanta GA, Fall of 1920
Harry B Thompson III, Atlanta 1958
Standing to the side of his 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL two door, manual shift, soft top convertible roadster, Harry Jr. holding cousin Leila Thompson Taratus and Harry III holding Harry IV, Eleanor Thompson looking on.
Harry B Thompson Jr, 1927, Atlanta Ga
Harry B Thompson IV July 2023