Harry B. Thompson Jr.

Harry B Thompson Jr Top Row, Right. Atlanta Ga 1917

Harry B Thompson Jr was Born in Atlanta on February 21st, 1906 to Harry B Thompson and Maude Scott Thompson. He attended Boy’s High School of Atlanta which was located on 10th street across from Piedmont Park. Graduated Boys’s High of Atlanta in 1923.

Early Life: Harry Jr. 1910
Harry Jr ( center) with 2 friends and a Goat near home off Ponce De Leon Rd Atlanta September 1912
Harry Jr on right, with mother Maude Scott Thompson and younger sister Maude 1914
Harry B Thompson Jr. with sister Maude. Atlanta Ga 1918
Harry Thompson Jr Far Right holding banner in front
Harry Thompson Jr Atlanta GA 1919
Harry B Thompson Jr ( right) with sister Maude and friend Stone Mountain Ga 1922


Maude Scott Thompson is the daughter of Maude Goldsmith Scott (1880-1958) of Cartersville Ga, the daughter of Mark Wingfield Scott ( 1848-1912) and Emma Lois Goldsmith (1856-1935).


Harry B Thompson Jr 1925
Harry B. Thompson, Jr.—Georgia Tech yearbook 1929

Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Tech in 1928. Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.

Harry Thompson Jr Atlanta in backyard of parents home on Springdale Road 1935
With Helen Cody Thompson at Lake Rabun 1930
Harry B. Thompson Jr August, 1931 Lake Rabun, GA
Harry Jr
Harry Thompson Jr with wife Helen
Harry Thompson Jr with first child, daughter Leila 1934

Professional Life:

Upon graduation from Georgia Tech in 1928 , went to work with his father at Conklin Tin Plate & Metal Company. Served as Vice-President until 1953 when he succeeded his father as President.

Along with Malon Courts was one of the 3 Founding Members of ALTA ( Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association), organizing tournaments and hosting planning committee meetings at his house on Chatham Road. Harry was President of ALTA in 1952 and 1953 and was instrumental in making ALTA what it has become today – one of the largest tennis organizations in the country with over 80,000 members “unequaled in the world for fun and fellowship through tennis”.

In 1952, along with Malon Courts , helped establish Bitsy Grant Tennis center on Northside Drive making tennis more accessible to all. Prior to Bitsy Grant Tennis Center there were few public courts – most tennis was played at private clubs including Atlanta Athletic Club and the Piedmont Driving Club.

Harry B Thompson Jr 1952; From Atlanta Rotary Club archives
Harry Jr with dog Champ in front of 1952 Oldsmobile, taken in home driveway 3167 Chatham Rd Atlanta Fall of 1952
Harry B Thompson Jr 1960

Personal Life:
On December 19th, 1931 married Helen Harriet Cody. Together, they had 2 children, Leila born March 20th 1934, and Harry III born April 11th 1938.

wedding of Harry B Thompson Jr and Helen Cody Thompson
Helen Cody Thompson with Daughter Leila , May 25th 1935
son Harry III Atlanta 1942
Son Harry III ( in uniform) and Daughter Leila ( far right) playing with puppies, 1942
Western Trip 1943 Will Rogers Shrine overlooking Colorado Springs Helen, Leila, Harry and tour guide/driver.
looking for Morocco on a map since Harry III was leaving to be based there in 1960
Harry Thompson Jr , wife Helen Cody Thompson, son Harry Thompson III at home in 3167 Chatham Road, Atlanta, Ga 1960
Harry Thompson Jr with wife Helen Cody Thompson
Harry B Thompson Jr. 1953 Inland Waterway, Florida.
Harry had a Passion for Wood Boats like this 1950’s Chris Craft
with Grandson Harry IV

Helen Cody Thompson

Helen Harriet Cody was born on October 9th, 1907 in Atlanta Ga to William Cody and Leila Cheely Butt . She was the youngest of four children and the only girl. Her brothers were Wellborn Cody, Louis Cody and Edward Cody.

Helen Cody front row, 2nd from left. 10th Street School Atlanta 1915
Helen Cody
Helen Cody December 1931
Helen Cody Thompson entertaining at home on Chatham Rd Atlanta 1940. Left to right: Helen Thompson, Annie McKenney, Marguerite Brinkley, Martha Murphy. Atlanta 1940

Father : William Cody

William Butt Cody was born to Edmond Cody ( 1811-1858) and Mary Wright on July 9th, 1858 in Warrenton Ga a small city 40 miles southwest of Augusta Ga. From a young age he started caring for and riding horses, skills that would serve him well as a young adult. In 1876 at the age of 17 he moved to Atlanta. Two friends who were members of Atlanta’s Volunteer Fire Dept encouraged him to join the Dept, which he did, first as a Mechanic and then as a Driver. Back then the Hose Reels were transported by Horse and Carriage. He remained in that position until July 1882 when the Dept went from one that was made up entirely of Volunteers to one made up of Paid Employees. Initially he resigned saying that he fought fires for the love of it. Superiors who realized that they would lose one of their best, persuaded him to stay by appointing him the lead “Hose Reel Driver” at Atlanta’s main facility , Fire Station #1 located at the Bridge on South Broad Street.

1887 was a new era in the Atlanta Fire Department when the first Holloway Engine powered truck replace the Horse drawn Buggy and Reel and William Cody , though reluctant initially to leave behind his beloved Horse, realized that speed of getting to the fire would increase significantly. Fire Chief Walter Joyner ( who would go on to become Atlanta Mayor) chose William Cody to be the driver of the first model received.

In 1892 William Cody was made a lieutenant and then in 1895 went on to become a captain and then in July of 1915, Chief.

William Cody was the Atlanta Fire Chief during the Great Atlanta Fire of 1917, described in this article.

Brother : Wellborn Cody

Her brother, Wellborn Cody, was a founding partner in what would become the largest law firm in Atlanta, Kirkpatrick Cody, which is currently named Kirkpatrick, Stockton, & Townsend.