Harry B. Thompson Sr.

HB Thompson

A highly respected veteran in the industrial circles of Atlanta and the South, the late Harry Bruckner Thompson Sr., started early in life in a minor capacity at the Conklin Tin Plate and Metal Company, of which he became the President. He was an exemplary citizen of his community, both as one of its most capable executives and as a devoted Church.

Harry Thompson 1902

A native of Atlanta, Harry Bruckner Thompson Sr., was born on May 4th 1877, son of Andrew Patterson and Martha Harriet (Bruckner) Thompson. His father was born in Floyd County on August 24th 1842, and his mother in Walker County on August 27th 1846. After completing his formal education in the grade school and Boys’ High School in Atlanta, he entered the employ of the Charles A. Conklin Manufacturing Company in 1898 as office boy and billing clerk, and in the succeeding years acquired experience in every branch of the company’s operations. It was Mr. Conklin who, in association with John N. Goddard, founded the Conklin Tin Plate and Metal Company, and Mr. Thompson was active in its operations from the time it was established at the beginning of the century.

A history of the company is to be found in this volume. It is sufficient to indicate here Mr. Thompson’s part in its management. He served the firm in several executive capacities, and following the death of Mr. Goddard in 1948, became President of the company. He held that office, as well as the position of chairman of the board of directors at the time of his death in 1953.

Engagement announcement of Harry B. Thompson Sr. and Maude Goldsmith Scott—The Tennessean, April 25th, 1900
Harry B. Thompson Sr. weds Maude Goldsmith Scott—The Tennessean, June 10th, 1900
Harry Thompson Jr, son of Harry Thompson and Maude Goldsmith Scott , September 1911

Mr. Thompson was not extensively active in social organizations or civic groups generally, but he was a loyal worker on behalf of his Church, the First Presbyterian, serving as a deacon and trustee for a number of years. On June 6th 1900 in Atlanta, Harry Bruckner Thompson Sr., married Maude Goldsmith Scott, daughter of Winfield and Emily Louise (Goldsmith) Scott. Both parents were natives of Georgia, he father having been born September 14th 1846 in Gwinnett County, her mother at Stone Mountain on March 17th 1856.

Harry Sr flanked by son Harry Jr and grandson Harry III. Atlanta Ga 1949

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson became the parents of two children: 1. Harry Bruckner Jr., born February 21st 1906. A biographical sketch of his accompanies this. 2. Maude Goldsmith, born December 8th 1913.

Mr. Thompson died on May 10th 1952 at his home. He leaves a record of worthwhile service to the industrial and civic life of his city.

Harry B Thompson Sr with Weinie Oct 26, 1953 Atlanta

Courtesy of : Atlanta and Environs – Family And Personal History, Volume III. Written by Franklin Garrett, Copyright 1954.

Parents of Harry Sr.  Andrew Patterson Thompson and Martha Harriet Bruckner married 1868 in Atlanta Ga.

Maude Goldsmith Scott, June 1900